Dietitian mom!

Dietitian mom means a mom who is also a dietitian!

I am a Dietitian by education and other moms will think that I can provide good nutritional food to my family. I agree partially as the title “Dietitian mom” it is made up of two words,Dietitian and mom, so, I strongly believe that all moms have this sixth sense in them which can guide them when it comes to their child. Expert advice is needed when it is something related to a disorder or any such condition where it needs medical attention. But always remember that you can be a best judge when it comes to your child. Every child is different and as long as your child is active and growing, there is no need to force feed him/her.

Make sure your child eats his fruits and vegetables everyday. If he/she dislikes vegetables, don’t worry! Give them whichever vegetable they like. ┬áTry giving 6 small meals instead of 3 heavy meals. Give healthy snacks in school and give it in a fun way, if your child is not eating them.There are many ways of giving vegetables and fruits in a fun way and I will be writing about them in my other blogs. Keep following..super_mom_dietitian_mouse_pad-r31835e6a29d0402f83b632aaf91bcd4f_x74vi_8byvr_512


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