10 Tips to tackle toddler food tantrums!

kids fuzzy eaters
Toddlers are mostly very picky eaters. Mothers are always worried about how to give them proper nutrition and what to serve them. Remember to keep it interesting by giving them variety everyday. Eating solids is a new experience for them and they have to get used to various colors, textures and smell of different foods. Some important points to remember-

Dealing with diabetes the ragi way!

Deepa Gandhi has a M.Sc Mphil in (Food and nutrition) and a Diploma in Food management from Milwaukee USA. She currently resides in Bangalore.

In this blog post, she writes about the need for including Ragi in our diet and how it is a must for diabetics.

In today’s modern, hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, people around us suffer from one health disorder or the other. We are well aware of the consequences of the lives that we are leading, but we are caught in a situation wherein we can do nothing to change it. With growing competition and race for wealth, money and career growth, we have put our health in jeopardy.

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